Khurtova / Bourlanges – Looking for the Orsa Major

Elena Khurtova, Marie Ilse Bourlanges, Atelier Holsboer Parijs Elena Khurtova, Marie Ilse Bourlanges, Atelier Holsboer Parijs

Up until the 14th of February the exhibition Looking for the Orsa Major by Elena Khurtova and Marie Ilse Bourlanges will be open in PuntWG in Amsterdam. Since 2014 they have researched the uncovered archives of Bourlanges’ grandfather, Jacques Bourlanges, writer of a theory on the correlation between the galaxy and the geography of France. His research connects esoteric symbols with the long forgotten history of the names of villages and mountains, by mirroring geometrical figures in French landscapes. The two artists have digitalised, structured and visualized this archive.

In 2015 the artist duo embarked on an investigative journey to the ‘Orsa Major constellation’ and marked the seven specific points between Marseille and Nice which were projected by Jacques Bourlanges. This trip brought new insights into the investigation and delivered source materials for the exhibition in the PuntWG, which was composed by Khurtova and Bourlanges, Maarten Heijkamp, Mariana Lanari and Xavier Fernàndez Fuentes.

The Mondriaan Fund granted a Project Investment for Visual Artists (Projectinvestering Kunstenaar) and an Artist-in-residency Grant (Bijdrage Gast- en Buitenlandateliers) to Atelier Holsboer for the fulfilment of this investigation.