Kunstenaar Susanna Inglada tijdens het maakproces van Kunsthal Light #13. Foto: Marcel Kollen.

Kunsthal Light #13 – Susanna Inglada

From January 15 until April 10 the Kunsthal in Rotterdam presents the thirteenth edition of Kunsthal Light. As part of this programme artists are given free rein to create a site-specific piece of work in Hal 6, the display that runs along its large ramp. This time the display is filled by Susanna Inglada. Inspired by the culture and politics in her country of origin, Spain, the arts created her own world full of symbols of violence and power, wherein its characters appear to react to one another.

This year Susanna Inglada was participating in the exhibition Prospects & Concepts, organised annually by the Mondriaan Fund during the international art far Art Rotterdam in the Van Nellefabriek. At the exhibition the work of 54 artists was shown, who in 2014 received a financial contribution from the Mondriaan Fund in order to start their careers.

The Mondriaan Fund awarded a Grant for Commissioning Contemporary Art to four young artists who were commissioned to fill Hal 6 during a period of eight weeks. In the past year, additionally to Susanna Inglada, the Kunsthal has invited Thera Clazing, Tim Hollander and Aura Rendon. The series Kunsthal Light was commenced in 2011.