Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein – Nora Turato. Explained Away

Exhibition set-up Nora Turato. explained away. Exhibition set-up Nora Turato. explained away.

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein received a Grant International Presentation for Nora Turato’s first museum solo, entitled Nora Turato. Explained Away. The collaboration has been curated by Fabian Flückiger, as the seventh show in a series showcasing young artists in Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. Works from the museum collection are integrated into the presentation.

The exhibition contains a spatial installation filled with quotes appropriated from the media, which address the viewer as consumer in an ironic way. In a video you can see how Turato copies her own scripts by hand. As part of the exhibition, she stages a number of performances in which the relationship between image and text is expressed. Here the artist plays with social codes and laws concerning language and signs. The spaces consist of modular elements that change with each performance.

A publication about her work as well as an artist’s edition are being published, with contributions by Ana Janevski (MoMA), Sohrab Mohebbi (SculptureCenter) and Fabian Flückiger. The exhibition runs from 22 February to 19 May 2019.


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