Kunstpodium T – Apprentice/Master #10: Femmy Otten

Apprentice/Master #10: Rearranging the Sky Apprentice/Master #10: Rearranging the Sky

Kunstpodium T in Tilburg will be showing, until February 14, Apprentice/Master #10: Rearranging the Sky, with work by visual artist Femmy Otten and students Meg Wright, Reanne Donnegan, Ye Yicheng, Ásgerður Birna Björnsdóttir and Barbora Dayef.

The ‘Leerling/Meester’ (Apprentice/Master) track brings together talented graduating students from various art academies in Europe and China with experienced co-workers, whose work overlaps with that of the students. Throughout the project the students work together and present their work along with that of the master. The coming season will result in a series of exhibitions in the United States, Spain, Lithuania, Belgium, the Czech republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Ireland and the Netherlands.

As a response to increasing requests by beginning artists for guidance by experienced peers and in order to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and experiences, the Mondriaan Fund offers a ‘Meester-Gezelregeling’. This consists of projects that link starting artist to their more experienced colleagues for substantive guidance, both artistically and business-wise. One of these projects is Leerling/Meester, in cooperation with Kunstpodium T.