Manifesta 11 – What People Do For Money: Some Joint Ventures (Jennifer Tee)

Jennifer Tee at Manifesta 11 Jennifer Tee at Manifesta 11

From the 11th of June, Manifesta 11 will be open to the public. This time the European biennale of contemporary art is taking place in Zürich. Chief curator is the German artist Christian Jankowski. The theme of this edition is What People Do For Money: Some Joint Ventures. The city offers Manifesta 11 the possibility to explore global problems concerning urbanisation, city growth and society, and the role of the arts in relation to these problems. Visual artists were matched with representatives of certain professions. Dutch artist Jennifer Tee was invited to participate in the exhibition and commissioned to create new work. She choose to work together with an undertaker and researches the relation between spirit and matter, body and soul. As a location Tee choose cemetery Enzenbühl.

Manifesta is a Dutch initiative and is the only nomadic biennale in the world: every edition takes place at another location within Europe. The current edition takes place until the 18th of September 2016. The Mondriaan Fund awarded a Grant for International Presentations for the participation of Jennifer Tee.


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