Municipality of Zwolle – Ram Katzir and Hertog Nadler

Hertog Nadler and Ram Katzir, Portal, 2015 Hertog Nadler and Ram Katzir, Portal, 2015

On Saturday the 23rd of January, in Zwolle, the permanent video-installation and art route Portal, designed by Ram Katzir and artist duo Hertog Nadler (Chaja Hertog and Nir Nadler), was opened. The municipality of Zwolle gave a commission for the realisation of an open and welcoming art route that connects the train station to the inner city, and presents links to Zwolle’s history. The design by Katzir and Hertog Nadler was chosen out of 140 submissions.

Portal consists of a panoramic video-installation in the tunnel of Zwolle Station with film images which were recorded on the same location at which the film is displayed. The images contain (fictitious) people from Zwolle in scenes from the present, past and future. Additionally, an art route has been constructed leading from the station to the inner city, consisting of a blue bronze line and sculptures. Such as a bronze relief which maps the surroundings and ‘audioscopes’ (sound sculptures) that refer to stories on the underground tunnels which surround Zwolle.

The Mondriaan Fund allocated a Grant for Commissioning Contemporary Art (in Dutch: Bijdrage Opdrachtgeverschap) to this project.

See here the new website which also displays the video installation.