Lucas Cranach (I) Portret van Desiderius Erasmus. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam. Bruikleen Erasmusstichting. Foto: Studio Tromp (uitsnede).

Museum Gouda – Erasmus

From the 6th of February to the 26th of June, Museum Gouda will host a large exhibition on one of the greatest thinkers from European history. Erasmus, born in Rotterdam in 1466, was one of the most innovative philosophers of his time. He developed many revolutionary ideas on tolerance, freedom of conscience, and perspective. He was further characterised by the manner in which he made use of printing, at the time a brand new development, and how he created his own image.

These and other subjects are at the centre of the exhibition. It further focuses on the actuality of his ideas, the way in which these have managed to remain relevant. The exhibition also provides an overview of similarities between the time period in which Erasmus lived, and our contemporary society.

Museum Gouda presents this exhibition at a meaningful moment. In 2016 it has been 500 years since the publication of Erasmus’s life work; the Novum Instrumentum, a Greek translation of the New Testament.

For the exhibition Museum Gouda was allocated a Project Grant for Art Platforms, Museums and other Heritage Institutes (in Dutch: Projectinvestering Erfgoed- en Beeldende Kunstinstellingen) by the Mondriaan Fund.


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