Detail uit Vessantaradoek. Foto: Museum Volkenkunde.

Museum Volkenkunde – DE BOEDDHA – From life story to source of inspiration

From the 12th of February to the 14th of August the exhibition DE BOEDDHA – From life story to source of inspiration will be on display at  Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden. An exhibition about the inspiring role Buddha has played throughout the centuries that discusses both his fascinating life story as well as the religious experiences of buddhists worldwide. Herman Pleij, professor of historical Dutch literature, is guest curator and ambassador for the project.

The exhibition displays showpieces and modern art, contemporary and historical photographs, and multimedia. It will additionally present a rare, recent acquisition: a 35 meters long Vessaranta-cloth, depiciting the story of Buddha’s past lives. In Thailand and Laos this story is considered even more important than the Buddha’s life story. The subject is delved upon further by practising buddhists and non-buddhists who were interviewed for the exhibition.

For this exhibition the Museum Volkenkunde received a Project Grant for Art Platforms, Museums and other Heritage Institutes. For the acquisition of the Vessaranta-cloth the Mondriaan Fund allocated Support for Individual Acquisitions in Heritage Institutes.


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