Nieuw Dakota – an odyssey

Giorgos Gripeos, video still, 2018 © Giorgos Gripeos Giorgos Gripeos, video still, 2018 © Giorgos Gripeos

For the exhibition an odyssey Giorgos Gripeos set up a situation in Nieuw Dakota that expands well beyond the white cube walls of the space itself. The walls get overturned, abandoning their traditional usage; they are laid on the ground settling down as if from an explosion, to form a labyrinthine platform of sorts ready to receive all kinds of interventions and collaborations.

Within the space, that feels sparse and introverted, an object is displayed upon the floor: a small model of what stands before us, a small model of reality, is set encapsulated within reality itself. On the upper level of the gallery, Gripeos sets the space “right”, with the simplest and meekest of interventions, in order to present the “Bed”. Two video diptychs presented at the side of the “Bed” -standing as if being a headboard and a footboard- connect the ports of Piraeus and Amsterdam as departure and arrival points in the life of Gripeos.

The presentation is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey and the parallel between the story and our own lives. In the installation Gripeos has invited other people to generate actions upon his platform and collaborate in signaling further his quest. The programme will take place from 1 July until 29 July 2018.

The Mondriaan Fund awarded a Grant for Multiannual Programming of Art Platforms to Nieuw Dakota. Nieuw Dakota is a platform for contemporary art on the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North.


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