Nottingham Contemporary & The Showroom – Rana Hamadeh

Rana Hamadeh, The Sleepwalkers, 2015. Picture: The Showroom. Rana Hamadeh, The Sleepwalkers, 2015. Picture: The Showroom.

Nottingham Contemporary and The Showroom in London have co-produced Rana Hamadeh’s first major solo presentation in the United Kingdom, consisting of a large video work. The presentation, titled The Sleepwalkers, was held in Nottingham Contemporary until December 31st, and will be open to the public in The Showroom from January 20th until the 12th of March 2016.

The Sleepwalkers was created on commission of both institutions and centres around the story of the Egyptian serial killer sisters Raya and Sakina. In 1921, they became the first women sentenced to death by an Egyptian court. Hamadeh uses the sisters as a way with which to explore issues regarding Egypt and the broader Arab context surrounding the case. Some of these are: the gendering of the justice system, power relations between the image of women and the figure of the state, and other political subjects which played a part in the story of Raya and Sakina.

This presentation is the last chapter in Hamadeh’s project Alien Encounters, which aims at further complicating the notion of ‘alienness’, understood broadly as the condition of estrangement with regard to the law.

The Mondriaan Fund contributed to the production of new work and the exhibtion with an International Presentations Grant.


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