Reconstruction of the dinner for the daughter of Wilhelm II. Photo: Menno Mulder.

Paleis het Loo & Museum Huis Doorn – Der Kaiser!

Until the 28th of February, Paleis Het Loo and Museum Huis Doorn present Der Kaiser!, an exhibition about the last Emperor in Europe, Wilhelm II, a striking personality in European history. The exhibition traces his tumultuous life, from the years of glory to his abdication.

The exhibition is the result of a close collaboration between the two museums. Because of this collaboration , the life story of Wilhelm II can now be addressed in a wide context. In Paleis het Loo the accent is placed on the imperial glory, such as the parade uniforms, and on the personal possessions the ex-Kaiser took with him to the Netherlands. Highlight of the exhibition is the reconstruction of the gala dinner that the Emperor and his wife Auguste Victoria gave in 1913 in Berlin to celebrate the marriage of their daughter. In Huis Doorn the residential period of Emperor Wilhelm II in the Netherlands (the period 1918-1941) is given prime attention.

In the beginning of 2015 the museums received Support for Museum Collaborations (in Dutch: Bijdrage Samenwerking Musea). Their collaboration mainly concerns: collections, exhibitions, business management and visitors assistance. Their collaboration concerning collection mobility will result in two exhibitions, Der Kaiser! is one of them.


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