Richtje Reinsma en Daphne Rosenthal, The third ear. A taped memory, 2016, film still.

Richtje Reinsma en Daphne Rosenthal – Free Things

From the 9th of April until the 12th of August, the Wende Museum in Culver City, California, United States presents the group exhibition Artistic Interpretations of the Cold War. This exhibition includes work by Richtje Reinsma and Daphne Rosenthal. These Dutch artists show new work made during a artist-in-residence period at the Wende Museum. Their research during this work period, titled Free Things, was centered around the question if, and to what extent, objects can be ideologically or politically charged by their design, function or presentation. The Wende Museum is an institution with a large collection of objects and documents from the former Sovjet countries, including toys, diplomatic gifts and porn.

The exhibited works are the drawing triptych Long distanceThe sounds the telephones no longer make (2015), the sculpture After the beep (2015) and the film The third ear. A taped memory (2016).

Artists Richtje Reinsma and Daphne Rosenthal received a Stipendium for Depth Development Artistic Practice (Bijdrage Vrije Praktijkverdieping) for their research.