Saba Heritage Center

Saba Heritage Center in Windwardside, Saba. Saba Heritage Center in Windwardside, Saba.

On the 29th of January the Saba Heritage Center (SABARC) opened in Windwardside on Saba in the Dutch Antilles. The centre is focused on the preservation and promotion of Saba’s cultural heritage. The centre organises weekly activities on the preservation of cultural heritage in Saba. Activities for the youth include skeleton reconstructions, photography workshops, diggings, camping trips, education on the identification of trees, workshops and an exhibition on the use of indigo.

The organisation has obtained access to a permanent space and wants to use this for, among others, an archaeology lab, various display possibilities and a space which draws attention to the tradition of making Saba lace. It will also be used to archive digital material on Saba’s history by Ryan Espersen and Johan Schaeffer. The theme’s which SABARC wants to focus on in 2016-2017 include ‘Saba through the Ages: Archaic Amerindian period to the Netherlands Antilles’, ‘The Spring Bay sugar boiling house’ and ‘Slavery and Emancipation on Saba’.

The Mondriaan Fonds has awarded a Project Grant for Art Platforms, Museums and other Heritage Institutes.