Showroom MAMA – Mike Moonen

Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam presents the first solo exhibition by Mike Moonen, shown from 14 November until 23 December 2015. For this exhibition entitled Planet Quirk he created his own personal biotope.

Flipje van Tiel, a fake plant, a graffiti tag with a spelling mistake – these are the images that stick in Mike Moonen’s mind, but probably aren’t even noticed by other people. In an environment where everything’s designed there’s a danger we’ll lose any sense of wonder, because we’re just so used to it – images become so flawless and uniform that we develop a blind spot for them. Mike Moonen searches for the human blips in the pursuit of perfection and highlights the failures that cause disruption and confound expectations.

Showroom MAMA received a Grant for Multiannual Programming Art Platforms (in Dutch: Bijdrage Meerjarenprogramma’s Presentatie-instellingen) for their programme in 2015 and 2016.

MAMA is a platform for visual culture at the interface of art and the umbrella of visual culture and where talent development and programming are intertwined. MAMA is a home to a younger generation of artists, art professionals, and the public.


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