Stichting Drenthe Kunst, Cultuur en Natuur – Into Nature Art Expedition

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In the summer of 2016, Foundation Drenthe, Kunst Cultuur en Natuur is launching their project ‘Into Nature Art Expedition’.

‘Into Nature’ consists of an expedition focused around the relationship between people and nature. In it art, nature and the landscapes of Drenthe will be brought together. This will be done by means of an ‘art route’ which spans for 40 kilometres, along 35 works of art at 16 different locations.

Forty artists, both from the Netherlands and abroad, will contribute to this project. Some are installing existing works, while others have been asked to develop new work for certain locations. These artists have allowed themselves to be inspired by nature, into which they will integrate their art.

The expedition is combined with an educational plan and accompanying programmes. The first edition of this biyearly event is set to take place this summer, in 2018 it will be organised again. ‘Into Nature’ opens in July, for a period of three months.

The following video offers a glimpse into what it has to offer:

Drenthe Kunst, Cultuur en Natuur has received support for its project from the Mondriaan Fund, with its ‘Projectinvestering Erfgoed- en Beeldende Kunstinstellingen’.


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