Suze May Sho – Project Probe

Sharon Houkema, Playing the Bucky Card, Project Probe, 2015. Sharon Houkema, Playing the Bucky Card, Project Probe, 2015.

For the 33th edition of Project Probe artist Sharon Houkema created the installation Playing the Bucky Card, which can be viewed online at the moment. Probe is a digital platform for which artists from different disciplines are being invited to create an installation for a space of 6.6 m3. The results are only published online. Every research project brings a series of pictures, made from nine different angles. These pictures are supplemented by a short description, an interview and references.

In 2015 the collective Suze May Sho, initiator of the platform, has extended the original format in dialog with practicers from different disciplines, like designers, architects, filmmakers and art historians. For example, art historian Dominic van den Boogerd was invited to speak at the opening of Playing the Bucky Card. Subsequently, his thoughts on the work of Sharon Houkema were turned into a visual essay by designer Charlie Berendsen.

The Mondriaan Fund contributed to Project Probe via a Grant Open Call for Crossovers (in Dutch: Bijdrage Open Oproep Crossovers) to restructure to orginal format.


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