12-16 November – Marie Dufresne

Marie Dufresne Marie Dufresne

12-16.11 – Marie Dufresne (DK) Director and curator Kunsthal 6100 (opening September 2019)

Dufresne graduated from University of Copenhagen in 2008 with a BA in Art History and a MA in Visual Culture. While still a student, she opened the gallery Beaver Projects. In 2012 she ventured into the museum world. Between 2012-2014 working as head of events, curatorial assistant and educator at Nikolaj Kunsthal (Copenhagen). Between 2014 and 2018 she has been curator at the Vejle Kunstmuseum.

Art is a tool to constant rediscovery of the world. It presents us with hopes and dreams, fears and nightmares. In other words: Art echoes society. My interest in art is powered by an insatiable curiosity and a constant need to ask questions. Questions about the world; me, us and them. Working as a curator, I always try to ask new questions. Aiming to create – not reproduce – knowledge. And always keeping in mind that art is a playground. Dead serious and extremely important, but  still a playground.

Examples of recent exhibitions:
Abstract Everyday (2017). A research exhibition with works by Else Alfelt, Rikke Benborg, Franciska Clausen Christian Finne, Carl Jensen, Fernand Legér, Alexander Rodchenko, Ryan Trecartin, Troika and J.F. Willumsen. (2017)
Battlecries & Poetry (2016). A meeting between the Danish art collective Røde Mor and the German graphic group Rixdorfer Werkstatt, both founded in the sixties.
John Kørner // Graphics 1996-2016 (2016). First presentation of John Kørner’s entire body of graphic works. Corita Kent – Rules of Engagement (2015). First presentation of Corita Kent’s work in Denmark. All this is yours (2015). A largescale wallpainting exhibition including open work proces and augmented reality.