Code of Conduct for Culture Funds

At the end of 2012 the directors of the culture funds have determined the Code of Conduct for Culture Funds. From 1 May 2013, this new code of conduct replaces the existing Code of Conduct for Culture Funds from 2008.

The code of conduct aims to create more transparency about the way in which the culture funds carry out their public tasks, and in doing so to contribute to the confidence of applicants and citizens in the culture funds. In drawing up the code of conduct, special attention has been paid to the position of the applicant in the grant process. The code of conduct comprises 6 sections:

  1. integrity and impartiality
  2. openness
  3. involvement of stakeholders
  4. quality of service
  5. evaluation
  6. accountability

The code of conduct is endorsed by the Mondriaan Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Performing Arts Fund NL, the Cultural Participation Fund, and the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Apart from the Code of Conduct for Culture Funds, the Mondriaan Fund follows the Governance Code for Culture and takes into account the Code Cultural Diversity.