Our team of more than 60 dedicated colleagues takes care of every aspect of your grant application, reports the results of our funding and organises a varied range of activities.


Regional agents

The Mondriaan Fund is assisted by 3 regional agents. Drawing on their extensive networks, these agents reach out to potential new applicants, art commissioners and advisors in the region. They also highlight new initiatives, target groups and map the latest regional developments in the field of the visual arts and cultural heritage.


Independent advisors ensure that every application is meticulously, professionally and objectively assessed. Our advisors are experts from the field, such as artists, exhibition makers, critics, art historians and museum representatives. 9 permanent chairpersons see to it that the meetings run smoothly.

Supervisory board

Our supervisory board is tasked with supervising the policy of the board and the general course of affairs at the fund. The members support the board with advice.


The Mondriaan Fund is driven by connection. We are in constant dialogue with a wide spectrum of contacts. We are an indispensable network. We unite, we share knowledge and we are nourished by the experience and expertise of our connections.

Our partners (Dutch only)