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Grants from the Mondriaan Fund can be requested via the digital application system, for which you need an account.

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Request an account here as an individual or as a contact person for an organization.*

*If you already have a personal account and you would like to set up a second account on behalf of an organization, you can do this under a different e-mail address. The same applies if you want to apply on behalf of a number of organizations. Your account name is your e-mail address.

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You can do this using the form below.

Although we will do our best to send you an e-mail with your registration details within 24 hours except for weekends, holidays and closures we are not always able to guarantee this if we are very busy just before a deadline. So please make sure you set up your account in plenty of time before your own deadline. You cannot log in and fill in the application form until after we have sent you your login code. Please make sure you keep your registration details in a safe place, as these will remain valid for all future applications you make to the Mondriaan Fund.

The Mondriaan Fund is closed from 27 until 31 December 2021.

Questions & contact

Questions about online applications? Please contact our helpdesk.

Or call 020 523 15 23 or email ln.sdnofnaairdnom@ksedpleh.

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