Privacy statement

The Mondriaan Fund is the public  fund for visual art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. It enables plans, projects and programmes of artists, exhibition makers and critics, museums and other art and heritage institutions, publishers and commissioners. All contributions reinforce the production or presentation of art and heritage from the Netherlands, both at home and abroad, where the market doesn’t do this (yet): precisely there, art and heritage prove themselves as valuable havens of the imagination. The fund stimulates the public connection and the development of these havens.

In order to fulfil this task, the Mondriaan Fund handles personal data. The persons involved can rest assured that these will be handled carefully.

The Mondriaan Fund works mostly digitally. This sets out requirements to the protection of data. The fund ensures that privacy is guaranteed by taking measures in the area of information security, data minimization, transparency and user control. In doing so, the fund complies with national and European privacy laws and regulations. In this privacy statement we indicate how we implement this.

Legal framework

The Mondriaan Fund is responsible for the execution and maintenance of the following legal frameworks:

  • Personal Data Protection Act (in Dutch: Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens, WBP), replaced as from 25 May 2018 by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). (In Dutch: Algemene verordening gegevensverwerking, AVG).
  • GDPR Implementation Law.

Which are the basic principles?

The Mondriaan Fund handles personal information in a secure way and respects the privacy of those involved. It thereby adheres to the following principles:

  • Personal data are processed in accordance with the law and in a proper and careful manner.
  • Personal data are processed only if there is a justified basis for doing so.
  • Only the personal data that are minimally necessary for the previously determined goal are processed.
  • Personal data are not kept any longer than necessary. The storage of personal information may be necessary to be able to properly carry out the tasks of the fund, or to be able to comply with legal obligations.
  • The Mondriaan Fund manages personal information carefully and confidentially. Personal data are processed only for the specific goal that they have been collected for. Furthermore, the fund takes care of the appropriate security of the personal information.
  • In the case of cooperation with external parties involving data processing of personal information, the Mondriaan Fund makes arrangements about the conditions that the exchange of data must meet.
  • In achieving the goal that the personal data are processed for, any invasion of privacy of those involved is limited as much as possible.
  • The infringement upon the interests of the involved party may not be disproportionate in relation to the goal that is served by the processing of the data.
  • The Fund guarantees the rights of those involved, such as the right of inspection and correction by means of procedures that are clear to the persons involved (procedures for right of correction, and right of inspection).

Which personal information do we process?

Name and Address Details
We would like to know your first name and surname, in order to be able to address you personally when we are in contact with you. Besides, these data are necessary to be able to distinguish applicants from one another. To this end, we also need your date of birth, your initials and your Citizen Service Number (BSN).

Email address
We use your email address to provide you with information about your application, and to send you any newsletters you may have requested. If you would rather not receive newsletters, you may easily opt out using the link at the bottom of the newsletter itself.

Telephone number
If we have any questions regarding your application, we would like to be able to call you.

Citizen service number (BSN) and International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
We need these data in order to be able to supply grants, or as part of fiscal legislation.

Website conduct
In order to provide you with the best user experience and inform you as well as possible, we would also like to know how our visitors use the website. To this end, a Google Analytics ‘cookie’ is installed, a small file that is stored on your computer. Your IP-address and surfing behaviour remain completely anonymous. You can indicate whether you agree or not via the cookie notification that you see when you visit our website. If you do not agree, the Google Analytics cookie will not be placed.

Information for an application
In the digital application system, apart from your personal data, you will also find the possibility to start an application. We use the information that you send us through the digital application form to assess your application. This information is stored in our secured database. The stored, submitted and closed applications are also located at this secure database.

Status of the application
For a proper settlement of the application, we keep track of the status of the application. We keep records of allocations or rejections as part of policy information. Allocations will also be made public on our website.

Register of processing activities

The Mondriaan Fund has at its disposal a register that contains all the processes in which personal data are handled. The register contains a report of the goal for which the data are collected, which data it concerns, with whom these data may be shared, and for how long they are stored. The register can be examined at the Mondriaan Fund by appointment and within the applicable frameworks.

Inspection and correction

You may submit a request for inspection and/or correction with the Mondriaan Fund, through cevinpl@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay. In order to prevent third parties from being able to see data about you, you are required to supply a copy of a valid identification document with your application.

Supervision over the processing of personal information by the government culture funds

The government culture funds have appointed Adri van der Peet as official for data protection. This official supervises the way in which the funds handle your personal information. You can ask your questions about the processing of personal information by email: st@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.