You may have questions about your application, project or event. Below we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions about applying to the Mondriaan Fund.


The Mondriaan Fund is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Click here for directions.

Applications for the grants of the Mondriaan Fund can be submitted 24 hours a day through the online application system. Click here for more information and frequently asked questions about online applications (in Dutch).

The grants of the Mondriaan Fund are aimed at various target groups. Depending on the type of grant, those groups are: visual artists, intermediaries, institutions, private individuals and commissioning parties in the field of visual arts and cultural heritage. In the general terms and conditions you will find a description of these target groups and the formal conditions for applicants.

Designers and architects cannot apply with the Mondriaan Fund. They can turn to the Creative Industries Fund NL (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie).

The Mondriaan Fund offers a range of grants to artists, intermediaries, institutions and commissioning parties. To assess which possibility may suit you, please consult the overview of application possibilities or use the application help. If you have any questions regarding the grants, please contact one of the contact persons of the grant. Their contact details are listed in the explanatory notes with each grant.

Click here for information (in Dutch) about the funding options for an interdisciplinary project.

To help everyone along in the various possibilities that are offered, the Mondriaan Fund periodically organizes (online) consultations. Keep an eye on our website and newsletter for the next date and the programme. During these special information days, our employees are ready to advise you and to explain the possibilities.

If you are not sure which grant to apply for, first consult the overview of application possibilities for details of the regulations or use the application help. For information and advice about applications, you may contact the Mondriaan Fund staff by email or telephone. For each grant, the explanatory notes list the contact persons that may answer your questions. In consultation with them, we can determine whether an appointment is necessary, and if so, with which staff member.

If you have any questions about an on-going application, please keep your application number at hand, so we can quickly connect you with the right employee. Click here if you wish to know what happens with your application.

You can use the digital application system to apply for a grant from the Mondriaan Fund. To do this, you need an account so that you can log on and open a digital application form. Click here for more information about the digital application system. For questions about digital applications please contact urycqrfx@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay, tel. 020 5231523.

You can find the application form with the relevant grant. First save the form before you fill it in.

For the grants with annual rounds of applications, the relevant application form can only be downloaded when the round of applications has opened.

When an application is received, an employee of the fund checks whether it has been filled in properly and whether the requested annexes have been included. If this is not the case, you may be asked to provide additional information. The application is then assessed according to the conditions specified in the explanations and in the general terms and conditions. When an application complies with all the formal conditions, it is processed and presented to expert advisers, who assess the content. At this point, quality the most important criterion. Click here for more information about how applications are processed.

If an application complies with all the conditions, it is presented to expert advisers, who assess the content. The advisers are recruited on the basis of an open job application procedure. They are all experts in their field and include visual artists, observers, critics, exhibition designers, curators and collectors from inside and outside the Netherlands. They have a thorough knowledge of contemporary visual art or cultural heritage, or have other specific expertise. Every year, new advisers are added, replacing advisers whose contracts have expired. The advisers meet as part of a committee under the supervision of a chairperson. The names of the advisers are listed here.

The various committees represent a diversity of expertise. Advisers evaluate for example applications from visual artists, intermediaries, museums, archives and archaeological institutions, but also projects in migrant heritage or multidisciplinary festivals. The advisers are able to assess several different disciplines and to look beyond their own preferences. Furthermore, they are aware of the aim of the Mondriaan Fund; they are familiar with the procedures of the advisory committees and agree with them.

Advisers will receive the application form, (visual) documentation and other attachments submitted by the applicant in preparation for the meeting. In the case of individual applications, they do not have access to the income data of applicants. Applications will be assessed on the basis of the application form and documentation. Any visual documentation can be viewed again on a large screen by the advisors during the meeting. The advisory committee judges on the basis of the criteria as stated in all online explanations under the heading ‘assessment’. If during the meeting it appears that the committee has not obtained sufficient clarity, it can decide to request additional information or, in the case of an artist’s application, to pay a studio visit. No studio visits are made abroad.

Applicants must allow for a total processing period of a maximum of 3 months. Incomplete submissions will be held up in the application process. We will contact you if anything is missing or if there are any questions or uncertainties.

You can. But you cannot apply twice for the same cost item. With some grants, the committee’s advice may have consequences for a different application. An artist who has been rejected before on the basis of artistic performance cannot submit another application for a period of 12 months, unless it is about a completely different plan, which is expected to take the development of the applicant’s work into a different direction.


The Mondriaan Fund believes it is important that artists are paid a realistic fee. No guideline has been defined for the size of this fee because it depends on several factors, including the time that was invested. Institutions are therefore asked to substantiate the size of the fee in the plans they submit. The Mondriaan Fund will then assess whether this amount is realistic.

The Mondriaan Fund will use the guideline for artists fee when assessing applications. For more information: kunstenaarshonorarium.nl.

Click here for more information about submitting your documentation.

No, that is not necessary and is even not always possible. However, the Mondriaan Fund attaches great value to meaningful collaboration aimed at generating a broader support base for the plan.

No, it should not. All amounts must be listed exclusive of VAT. The sums will be allocated exclusive of VAT, unless the applicant is not subject to VAT; in those rare cases you should first contact the Mondriaan Fund finance department.

In most cases yes, but to be sure, contact the project employee of the scheme for which you have submitted a final statement. At the bottom of each scheme you will find the corresponding contact persons.

After allocation

The Mondriaan Fund grants are subject to the general terms and conditions and to the conditions stated in the explanatory notes of the relevant grant. This means, amongst other things, that you are required to notify the Mondriaan Fund in writing about substantial changes in the realisation, budget, or financing scheme of your project, and that you must send the Mondriaan Fund a final report within 3 months after the final date of the project.

Furthermore, everyone receiving a grant from the Mondriaan Fund, for example for the realisation of a project or presentation, must mention that it was (partly) made possible through financial support from the Mondriaan Fund (in Dutch: Mondriaan Fonds). The Fund should be mentioned in this respect in invitations, colophons, press releases, websites, publications, credit titles, captions, etc. The logo can be downloaded here. We ask you to send the Mondriaan Fund invitations for and announcements of any results of the grant.

The Mondriaan Fund attaches great importance to the use of its name to give the public, policymakers and potential applicants an insight into the projects that were supported with a contribution by the Mondriaan Fund. It shows how Dutch society is investing in visual art and cultural heritage through the Mondriaan Fund. In this way, the Mondriaan Fund aims to increase the support base for visual arts and cultural heritage in the Netherlands.

You can find the logo here in a number of different file types.

The grant is awarded under the general terms and conditions, and under the conditions stated in the explanatory notes of the relevant grant. The specific conditions holding for your grant can be found on the back of the confirmation statement from the Mondriaan Fund. All substantial changes in the realisation, budget and finance scheme must be reported in writing.

The various grants make different demands on the payment of advances, and apply different advance percentages. In the explanatory notes of the grant, you will find the information that is relevant to your situation.

The deadline for the final report is generally within 3 months of the planned final date of the activities. You will find this in the confirmation statement you have received from the Mondriaan Fund. You will also receive an invitation by email.

That depends on the grant you have received. With most grants, it involves a report concerning the content of the project, with an evaluation of your activities, and a financial report. The specific conditions for your grant can be found on the backside of the written confirmation from the Mondriaan Fund. You should submit the final report digitally through the online application system. You will automatically receive a notification when you have to submit the final report.
As part of the digital report, we ask you to answer a number of questions that will help the Mondriaan Fund in measuring the effect of the awarded grants. After the grant period, you will find a form in your inbox in the Fund’s online application system, on which you need to answer 7 questions that all the applicants are asked. Further, a number of additional questions are asked per grant.

You can ask for a postponement of the submission of your final report by sending your request through email to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay, explaining why you cannot make the deadline. Please send your request before the deadline and refer to your application number.

After rejection

In case of negative advice and if the advice is not included in the decision, the applicant can request justification for the rejection within 14 days. This justification is an abbreviated version of the advisory committee’s assessment.

The Mondriaan Fund is an independent administrative body and is governed by General Administrative Law Act. This means that applicants can lodge an objection if they do not agree with a decision. That is possible if an application is rejected, but also if the Mondriaan Fund allocates a different amount than requested. An applicant can also lodge an objection if the definitive grant deviates from the amount that was originally allocated. An applicant can lodge an objection up to a maximum of 6 weeks after the day when the decision was publicised. After those 6 weeks have elapsed, it will no longer be possible to lodge an objection.

When a detailed justification is requested, an objection on ‘grounds to be submitted’ can be submitted within six weeks of the decision date. The grounds for the objection must then be submitted no more than 6 weeks after the detailed justification was sent.

An objection must be signed by the applicant and include at least the applicant’s name and address, the date, the application reference number and written justification for the objection.

The assessment of the objection focuses mainly on the justification for the objection and the explanation of that justification at a hearing. When an objection is being assessed, one important point of focus is whether the interested party can provide information that could shed new light on the application. This information will be taken into account when evaluating the objection.

If the objection is rejected, within 6 weeks of the decision an appeal can be made to the administrative law sector of the Dutch District Court.

You must send your signed objection to the Fund by regular mail not more than 6 weeks after the decision was made. It is also possible to send it as a PDF file with your signature to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay along with your application number. If you have asked for a detailed justification and have not yet received it, you must still lodge a pro forma objection within 6 weeks based on grounds still to be specified. After you have received the detailed justification, you can substantiate your objection in writing.

FAQ Covid-19

To artists, intermediaries, museums and art institutions: the Mondriaan Fund is providing extra support in times of corona. All extra measures are listed in one overview here.

1. The coronavirus means that the future has become more uncertain. Does it make sense to submit an application at this moment?

Yes, it certainly makes sense to submit an application. We hope that, in spite of the coronavirus crisis, everyone will keep doing that.

2. It is possible that the Corona crisis will affect my ability to complete my project. Can I discuss this possibility in my application?

If you already suspect that the corona virus may affect your ability to realize your project, you need to discuss this in your application. To what degree might it be affected and how are you coping with that possibility? In order to be approved for a project, a plan has to be achievable and practicable. If the project cannot be begun within a foreseeable time because of the corona virus, it is possible that the application will be refused.

3. When I submit my application for an Artist Project, do I need to take possible limitations because of the Corona virus into consideration?

Yes. It has to be possible to complete the project for which you are applying for support within a foreseeable amount of time. Your working plan should include an explanation of how you want to achieve that.

4. Is it worthwhile to apply for support for travel or a working period in another country during the Corona crisis?

Yes. But take into account any potential interference that the coronavirus may have on your plans. If the country you wish to travel to becomes subject to a negative travel advisory after you have applied, then the amount of support is still valid for the period covered in your application. If that negative travel advisory continues for the entire period, get in touch with your contact person at the Mondriaan Fund.

5. Can I apply for a project in a country for which there is currently a negative travel advisory (code red or orange)?

Yes, this is possible if you expect the negative travel advisory to change to positive in the foreseeable future. See also the answers given above. Mondriaan Fund regulations require that we not support projects in countries for which a negative travel advisory is in effect.

6. Can I submit physical documentation material with my application, such as, for example, with Artist Basic?

Because the committee meetings are currently largely held online, it is of no use to submit physical documentary material. All documentary materials must be uploaded in PDF format together with your application. You can make your own PDF or video of that material.

7. My final report has been submitted, but not yet approved. Can I start a new application?

In most cases, yes, you can. But to be certain, get in touch with the contactperson for the grant for which you have submitted your final report.


1. What do I need to do if a negative travel advisory (code red or orange) is in effect at the time my project is supposed to take place for the country I want to go to?

The Mondriaan Fund advises you to travel in a safe and responsibly manner. We advise you not to travel if the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues a negative travel advice (color code orange/red) for the country concerned. The Mondriaan Fund is not liable and cannot  contribute to additional costs resulting from Covid 19-related circumstances (such as long stay or medical expenses). If your work plan changes due to circumstances, please notify us as soon as possible.

2. Will I be able to respond to changes in the realization of my project because of the coronavirus?

Contact the project person of the grant for which you have applied.

3. What is the advance payment for an accepted project of up to € 25,000?

For accepted projects of up to € 25,000, the full sum will be paid, unless the applicant lets it be known they would prefer it done differently.

4. And what is the advance payment for an accepted project of over € 25,000?

For accepted projects of more than € 25,000, the initial payment will be increased to 95 %.

5. My application has been honoured, but it is uncertain if my project can take place. What do I need to do?

If there are doubts about whether something can be realized or not, you do not need to contact us. If something changes in the actual execution of your project, contact the project coordinator of the category for which you have applied.

6. My project has been definitively cancelled or rescheduled. What should I do?

E-mail your contact person at the Mondriaan Fund.

7. I received an automatically generated message about final accountability. What should I do?

  • In case your project has been finalised and, due to the current situation, you need more time to submit a final report, you should contact your contact person through e-mail.
  • If your project has not been finalised according to plan because of corona, you can account for that with an announcement in your report. If you pay every party included in the budget, we can then proceed to the finalisation. When in doubt, you can e-mail your contact person.


1. What are the consequences for the annual orientation trip?

Preparations for the orientation trip have been postponed for the time being. See the website for an update.