Meet our team

This is our team of more than 60 dedicated colleagues, whom take care of every aspect of your grant application, report th results of our funding and organise a varied range of activities.

The Board

The Board is responsible for the general management of the Mondriaan Fund, as well as strategic policy development and relations with external contacts.

Management Team

The Management Team (MT) is comprised of our heads of department. The members of the MT work closely together with the Board to develop future-oriented policy, and with the departments to implement this policy.


Our staff advise the Board on specific areas or are responsible for projects that the fund initiates or co-initiates (for example the Venice Biennale or the Prix de Rome).

Fund Office

Our colleagues at the Fund Office guide your application through the committee process. The Fund Office comprises the Administration Department, the Help Desk, the Project Team and the Reception.

Project Administration

This department is here to help throughout the application process, and handle the administrative side of applications. These colleagues also take care of personal accounts and the database, and support the Help Desk.

Help Desk and Reception

Our Reception welcomes all general questions regarding applications, activities and events. Our Help Desk colleagues are on hand to help with practical questions concerning our application system.

Project Team

The Project Team ensures that all applications are submitted to the committee in full and on time, and that following the committee meeting, decisions are swiftly communicated to applicants. Questions regarding the grants are handled by the Project Team. They are happy to consult you. The applicable contact person is mentioned with every grant.


The Communications Department provides general information regarding grants, activities and events. Through the website, the newsletter and social media, and via public relations events, meetings and publications. This department has its ear to the ground regarding the latest developments in the field, and shares what it hears with our colleagues.

Facility Management

The Facility Management Department manages the building, ensures that our offices are up to scratch, that our meetings are at their prime, and that the post gets to where it needs to be.


The colleagues from the Finance department are responsible for budget management and the fund’s (annual) reports, among other things. In addition, they check the budgets and the accounts of applicants. They are also closely involved in measuring the effects of our fund contributions.


The IT department is responsible for the automation of the fund’s application and work processes; the management of the application system, the network management, but also ensuring that all equipment works properly for the employees.


We are happy to help you. You can reach us by phone during office hours. Do you have a question about a specific grant? E-mail directly to the contact person as stated at the bottom of the page of each grant.

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Photos: Annemieke van der Togt