Clarification of the budget for individuals – Slavery Memorial Year

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Below is an explanation of the budget for individuals. For example, which costs can and cannot be budgeted? We also provide more information on the own contribution, total contribution and time investment allowance.

Eligible costs (costs necessary for and inseparable from the plan to be implemented) may be included in the budget.

  • (Material) costs for production of the new work.
  • Research costs.
  • For projects abroad: a return ticket.
  • Rental or depreciation of equipment purchases. For specific equipment that is required for a project, rental costs may be budgeted. It is also possible to purchase the necessary equipment yourself and budget the depreciation costs. The Mondriaan Fund applies a fixed annual depreciation rate of 33% for this purpose. This means that for a plan of, for example 3 months, equipment can be claimed for a quarter of the annualised depreciation (3/12 x 33% x purchase amount). In practice, the budget often includes equipment whose necessity for implementing the proposed plan may be questionable. The Mondriaan Fund stresses that the equipment must be necessary for and inseparable from the plan to be implemented. For example, the purchase of a laptop or a digital camera is not considered a necessary project cost, but a regular professional expense. If you believe that the project cannot go ahead if the listed equipment cannot be purchased or rented, this should be explicitly explained in the motivation and plans.
  • Fees for third parties, who perform work for the project, may be included in the budget. However, no fees can be requested for third parties who participate in the project on an equal basis within a partnership. They must themselves contribute or apply for a proportionate part of the budget. A maximum of € 50 per hour can be claimed for people employed by the applicant who demonstrably cooperate with the project. A copy of the last salary slip must be uploaded.

Amounts must be stated exclusive of VAT. The amounts are allocated exclusive of VAT, unless you are not subject to VAT. Please attach the proof from the tax authorities showing that you are not subject to VAT.

If several individuals apply for the same project, each must apply for a (proportionate) share of the total budget.

Questions & contact

Any further questions about the budget? Please contact a member of the Mondriaan Fund directly.

Or call +31 (0)20 523 15 23 or email svanapvra@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

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