What happens to my application?

When an application is submitted, one of the Mondriaan Fund project employees checks if the forms are complete and all the requested attachments have been uploaded. If not, you will be asked to supply additional information. Subsequently, we see if your application meets the formal conditions as stated in the explanatory notes per grant and the general terms and conditions. If the application meets the formal requirements, it is accepted and submitted to a panel of external experts for assessment. Quality is the foremost criterium. The presentation plan, providing visibility for an appropriate audience, is also taken into account.

External experts

The Mondriaan Fund advisory members are recruited through an open application procedure and selected by an independent selection committee. The Mondriaan Fund advisory members are experts, such as artists, theorists, critics, curators, educators and collectors from the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. They are knowledgeable in the fields of contemporary art and cultural heritage, and other specific areas. Each year new experts are recruited and experts whose term has relapsed are released. The advisory committee meetings are guided by a chairperson. Our external experts are listed on the Mondriaan Fund website.

Procedure advisory committees

In preparation of the meeting, advisory members receive a digital copy of the application form, the visual documentation and other relevant attachments. The advisory committee does not have access to the personal income data of individual applicants. Proposals are judged on the basis of the application form and the documentation. Visual documentation can be reviewed again during the committee meeting on a large screen. The advisory committee base their judgement on the criteria laid down in the explanatory notes of the grant, under the title ‘How is the assessment made?’. If the committee has not been able to form an opinion during the meeting, they can decide to request supplementary information, or, in the case of proposals by individual artists, to undertake a studio visit. Studios are only visited in the Netherlands.


The advisory committee advises the Board of the Mondriaan Fund on whether or not to offer financial support. The Board of the Mondriaan Fund cannot offer support without a positive ruling of the advisory committee. After the Board has ratified the ruling, the applicant is notified within a week.

Applicants should bear in mind that the total application procedure can take up to 3 months after a fully completed application has been submitted. However, due to the many applications to the fund, the processing time can take longer than expected.