New applicationround Publication

Are you planning on making a special and innovative publication about the work of a living visual artist from the Netherlands and/or the Caribbean part of the Kingdom? Or an oeuvre publication as an artist’s reflection on his work? Perhaps the Publication grant is something for you. The grant can be requested by artists and publishers.

The Mondriaan Fund offers Publications grants to stimulate the knowledge and dissemination of Dutch contemporary art amongst the Dutch and international audiences, thereby boosting artists’ talent development. The grants are to be used to produce publications of work by living artists from the Netherlands and/or the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, who through substance and/or form contribute to the discussion of or insight into contemporary visual art.

Deadline is 25 January 2024 before 16:00 pm (timezone Netherlands) / 11:00 am (timezone Caribbean timezone).

Questions& contact

Questions about this grant? Please contact a project officer from the Mondriaan Fund directly.

Or call 020 523 15 23 or send an e-mail to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

Mirthe Wacki

Akkemay Lammers (temporary leave)