Adara Godschalk

Adara Godschalk, Dreaming of a Hyper-natural Future, (documentatie van performance ‘Modern Artefact’), 2023

The work of Adara Godschalk (1998) hovers between dream and reality. By intentionally blurring the boundaries between the two, she wants to create space for new perspectives and transformation. Godschalk was born on Curaçao as the child of a Mexican mother and a Dutch father. From a young age she has been aware of the importance of diversity and the necessity to remain open to multiple perspectives. Her search for ways of realizing change is therefore the umbrella theme of her work, which encompasses performances and paintings. According to Godschalk, chaos and uncertainty are essential components of this quest.

The painting Dreaming of a Hyper-Natural Future (2023) evokes a strange field of tension. It suggests a scene from a dream that, judging by the empty chair, also involves other characters, but is communicated through the woman looking straight at the spectator. Godschalk based the canvas on her performance Modern Artefact (2022), for which she wondered what the future would look like if we would focus less on “How do I look?”, and more on “What am I seeing, and how am I looking at the things around me?” This painting is an invitation to think about these things and celebrate the natural power of the body.

Godschalk: “By allowing freedom of movement and embracing chaos, my work enables you to explore the limitations of your body, question your surroundings, and contemplate contemporary circumstances. If we want to push boundaries, we need to be fearless and imaginative.”

Text: Esther Darley

Translation from Dutch to English: Marie Louise Schoondergang