Carmen Dusmet Carrasco

Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Ear Twist, 2023.

Year granted: 2022 Website: Part of Prospects

What does it mean to be human? This question is central to the work of Carmen Dusmet Carrasco (1991), who studied psychology before she enrolled in the art academy. Her films and videos focus on how her work can contribute to shaping identity. Against the backdrop of major unemployment in her native southern Spain, important themes in her work include ageing, hopelessness, uncertainty, dreams, and ambitions.

Documenting and archiving real-life situations and conversations plays an important role in Dusmet Carrasco’s work. Aided by her psychologist’s gaze, she attempts to get to grips with how we interpret experiences. In her video installation Ear Twist (2023), the artist explores the complex mother-daughter-relationship. She based her script on conversations with her own mother who, in the past, regularly played a physical role in her work. This time Dusmet Carrasco worked with actors who, on the basis of ten different themes, seem to have become involved in an unpredictable and psychological power play in which they constantly change positions. On screens in a darkened room, and completely cut off from the outside world, they seem to be standing in an arena where their lack of understanding for each other and fear for the future take turns in coming to the surface. With the help of her mother, Dusmet Carrasco is thus trying to bridge the gap between two generations. At the same time the artist is attempting to get to grips with her own future through her work.

Text: Esther Darley

Translation from Dutch to English: Marie Louise Schoondergang