Fiona Tan – History’s Future

Fiona Tan, Nellie, 2013, video installation (loop 3 min. 9 sec.) Fiona Tan, Nellie, 2013, video installation (loop 3 min. 9 sec.)

History’s Future, the feature film debute of visual artist and filmmaker Fiona Tan will premiere at January 28th at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). The film was selected for the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition 2016 and will be released in Dutch cinemas by film distributor Cinéart on March 24th.

The film evolves around an experienced traveler, with no plan – arrival is not the goal. After a robbery in which he looses his memory, a man who the viewer gets to know as ‘MP’ (Missing Person) leaves his house and starts a journey. During his wanderings from country to country and a series of strange, enlightening and sometimes comic encounters, he gains new insight on the complexity of emotions present in 21th century Europe.

The production of the movie was made possible by De Verbeelding, a collaboration between the Netherlands Film Fund and the Mondriaan Fund. This project offers visual artists and film producers the possiblity to create a low budget film with the length of a feature film. Producer of History’s Future is Family Affair Films B.V.