Regional agents

In 2022, 3 regional agents are working for the Mondriaan Fund. The regional agents have an investigative and encouraging role in reaching potential applicants, commissioners and advisors. Another task is calling the fund’s attention to new initiatives, target groups and current developments in the areas of visual art and cultural heritage. The regional agents work 1 day a week for the Mondriaan Fund and combine this function with their other activities.


Regional distribution

Employees of the Mondriaan Fund regularly visit the country for information meetings in which the policy is set out for various target groups in the field of visual art and heritage. Regional distribution is also taken into account when recruiting committee members. The individual artists, institutions and clients to whom the Mondriaan Fund awards the contributions are therefore spread all over the country. To further strengthen its position in the region and to investigate whether all potential applicants, clients and committee members are able to find the Mondriaan Fund and whether there are regional developments that should be put on the national agenda, the fund has appointed several regional agents.

Photo’s: Annemieke van der Togt