The Mondriaan Fund is a publicly financed fund for visual art and cultural heritage. It supports innovative projects and activities by visual artists, intermediaries (curators and critics), museums and other heritage organizations, art institutions, archives, galleries and commissioning parties. All grants are awarded with a view to promoting the production and presentation of relevant Dutch visual art and heritage in the Netherlands and abroad, where a commercial market is (yet) undeveloped.

The Mondriaan Fund has an annual budget of around 26 million euro. The majority of this comes from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Hundreds of projects are supported in the Netherlands and abroad every year. Furthermore, the fund offers stimulus programmes for innovation and promotion, motivating and setting the agenda. The Mondriaan Fund employs 34 people. For the assessment of applications, the fund consults 75 external experts.

The Mondriaan Fund is acutely aware that it owes its existence to the citizens of the Netherlands and that society invests in art and heritage through the Fund. This investment will certainly not always bring financial returns, but on every occasion it does yield intellectual benefits. The Mondriaan Fund also believes that the intangible value of art for society has received too little attention. For this reason, the new policy attaches significant value to public visibility, which expressly entails an audience that can be attracted in various ways by artists and organizations.

What does the Mondriaan Fund support?
The Mondriaan Fund offers a range of possibilities to support Dutch visual art and cultural heritage and to promote their visibility in the Netherlands and abroad. This may involve talent development, intensification of the artist’s practice, or project investments for artists and intermediaries. Museums and other organizations for contemporary art and for cultural heritage can apply for project investments, commissions, programming and acquisition.

Our support could concern, for instance, an artist wishing to develop new work; a museum acquiring cultural heritage or collaborating with an artist or another museum; an intermediary wishing to conduct research; or a gallery displaying Dutch art at a foreign art fair.

Private individuals can apply to the fund for art commissions. We also offer the KunstKoop (ArtAcquisition) with which private individuals can purchase art on credit at 120 galleries. The interest is reimbursed by the Mondriaan Fund.
 Through grants for commissions, the fund encourages public and private parties to realize interesting, publically accessible art projects.

What else does the Mondriaan Fund do?
Besides the financial support for which artists and/or intermediaries, organizations and commissioning parties can apply, the fund also offers activities such as mentoring, through which novice artists can benefit from supervision by their experienced colleagues. The Mondriaan Fund also finances and organizes the Prix de Rome; the annual starters exhibition Prospects & Concepts; the Dutch entry for the Venice Biennale and the Prijs voor de Jonge Kunstkritiek (Young Art Critic’s Award).

In order to promote international exchange, an annual orientation trip is organized for intermediaries and artists. Foreign professionals can participate in the international visitors’ programme, which allows them to become acquainted with art in the Netherlands.

Origins of the Mondriaan Fund
The Mondriaan Fund is the result of a merger between the Mondriaan Foundation and the Fonds BKVB on 30 December 2011. Since the merger, there is a single portal for individual applicants and organizations in the field of visual art and cultural heritage. This also makes it easier for artists and organizations to make joint applications. Thus, the production of art can be directly linked to its visibility through the exhibition and/or sale thereof.