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Orientation trips

Each year, the Mondriaan Fund organizes an orientation trip for visual artists, curators and art mediators to interesting, foreign regions. The purpose of these trips is to provide an overview of the contemporary art scene in the country concerned as well as to stimulate international cooperation and exchange of knowledge between visual art professionals.

The orientation trips have been organized since 2004. Due to the coronavirus, no international trips have taken place in 2020 and 2021. Fortunately, the trip is able to continue this year and will take place from 9 to 21 October 2022. The participants will go to Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Madrid) and Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Vidigueira).

Curators, art mediators and visual artists could apply for the trip. The Mondriaan Fund selected 2 artists and 4 curators/ art mediators to participate in the trip, namely: Alex de Vries (art mediator, curator), Carlijn Diesfeldt (curator), David Maroto (artist), Esther van Rosmalen (curator) , Musoke Nalwoga (art historian, researcher, curator) and Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof (artist).

The programme consists of visits to museums, art institutions, galleries, artist-in-residencies, artist studios, collectors’ homes and local key figures in the different cities.

This trip is organised in cooperation with the Danish Arts Foundation, the Swiss Pro Helvetia and the Belgian Kunstenpunt, as well as in close collaboration with the Dutch embassies in Spain and Portugal.


The participants of the orientation trip have been keeping a blog since 2009. On the blog you can follow the journey from day to day.

Previous trips

Previous trips were made to the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan (2019), South-Africa and Zimbabwe (2018), United States of America and Cuba (2017), Iran and Armenia (2016), Chile and Colombia (2015), Gwangju in Korea and Tokyo, Yokohama and the Setouchi Islands in Japan (2014), Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary (2013), Indonesia and China (2012), Mali, Senegal and Morocco (2011), Turkey, Nigeria and Mali (2010), Brazil, Argentina and Peru (2009), Bangladesh, India and the United Arab Emirates (2008), Mexico and Curaçao (2007), South Africa and Senegal (2006), China (2005), and the Middle East (2004).

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