Orientation trips

Vlooienmarkt, Yerevan, Armenië. Foto: Haco de Ridder.

The Mondriaan Fund has been organizing orientation trips for visual artists and mediators to Asia, Latin America and Africa since 2004. The trips are aimed at exchange and cooperation between visual art professionals. The goal of this orientation travel is to extend international networks and contacts, and to stimulate the international dialogue between art professionals.

The 2016 trip took place from 20 October until 12 November. The group visited Iran (Tehran and Isfahan) and Armenia (Yerevan and Gyumri). During the travel a blog was updated.

The trip was organized in cooperation with Flanders Arts Institute (since 2007), the Danish Arts Agency and Pro Helvetia (since 2011). In total, seventeen people took part in the trip, including six participants from the Neterlands, selected by the Mondriaan Fund. They visited several art institutions, curators and artists in different cities.

The participants from the Netherlands were:
James Beckett (visual artist), Nathanja van Dijk (director A Tale of a Tub), Zippora Elders (artistic director Fort bij Vijfhuizen), Jaap Guldemond (curator exhibitions EYE), Eelco van der Lingen (director Nest Den Haag) en Paulien Oltheten (visual artist).

Previous trips were made to Chile and Colombia (2015), Gwangju in Korea and Tokyo, Yokohama and the Setouchi Islands in Japan (2014), Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary (2013), Indonesia and China (2012), Mali, Senegal and Marokko (2011), Turkey, Nigeria and Mali (2010), Brazil, Argentina and Peru (2009), Bangladesh, India and the United Arab Emirates (2008), Mexico and Curaçao (2007), South Africa and Senegal (2006), China (2005), and the Middle East (2004).

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For information about the orientation trip, please contact: Haco de Ridder, 020 523 15 23