Clarification of the budget for Art Media (organisations)

Please read on for an explanation of the budget for organisations: which expenses can and cannot be entered? We also provide more information regarding the personal contribution and the total grant.

Eligible expenses (i.e. expenses necessary for and inextricably linked to the envisaged plan) can be included in the budget. The maximum grant offered by the Mondriaan Fund is 90% of the eligible expenses.

The Mondriaan Fonds requests an orderly and itemised overview of the variable project expenses.

The following applies:

  • The total expenses must equal the total financial coverage, including the contribution offered by the Mondriaan Fund. The budget must be balanced;
  • Please substantiate notable entries with quotes wherever possible;
  • Please state sums excluding VAT. The contribution from the Mondriaan Fund is granted excluding VAT, unless the applicant is exempt from VAT. In this case, include documentation from the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration proving that the applicant is not required to pay VAT;
  • If another party is involved with the application, their financial contribution must be in acceptable proportion to the contribution you are requesting from the Mondriaan Fund. Please explain why this party’s contribution is in proportion to the requested sum.

Financial coverage

The applicant is expected to make a personal contribution of at least 10% of the eligible expenses. This contribution may consist of crowdfunding, sponsorship, subsidies from other funds, third-party contributions or a sum from the organisation’s own revenues.

The Mondriaan Fund requests an orderly and itemised overview of the financial coverage, consisting of:

  • Own revenues and income, such as admission fees, revenues from publications, sponsorship (also in kind) or crowdfunding.
  • The applicant’s contribution.
  • Third-party contributions, such as the various public and/or private funds, the municipality or province.
  • The requested contribution from the Mondriaan Fund.

Please take into consideration that:

  • If the contribution requested from the Mondriaan Fund is € 125,000 or more, the budget should also include the cost of an unqualified audit by an independent accountant.
  • The financial coverage may not include capitalised labour .

Vragen & contact

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