Clarification of the budget for organisations – Slavery Memorial Year

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Amounts must be stated exclusive of VAT. Contributions from the Mondriaan Fund are awarded exclusive of VAT, unless the applicant is not subject to VAT. Please attach the proof from the tax authorities showing that you are not subject to VAT.

The Mondriaan Fund will ask for a clear and itemised overview of the variable project costs:

  • The total costs must equal the total financial coverage, including the contribution from the Mondriaan Fund. The budget must therefore be balanced.
  • Crucial items should be supported by quotations as much as possible.
  • The total budget is at least €5,000.
  • The maximum contribution from the Mondriaan Fund is 95%.

The budget should contain only variable project costs and therefore not fixed expenses of your organisation, such as private staff, management expenses and other fixed costs.

Possible cost items include:

Financial coverage

The Mondriaan Fund will ask for a clear and itemised overview of the financial coverage:

  • Own revenue, such as entrance fees, publication proceeds, sponsorship (including in-kind) or crowdfunding.
  • Applicant’s own contribution.
  • Third-party contribution, such as the various public and/or private funds, the municipality, province.
  • The requested contribution to the Mondrian Fund.

Please note that:

  • If your organisation is subject to VAT, the VAT is not paid by the Mondriaan Fund. For this reason, amounts should be stated excluding VAT.
  • Financial coverage should not include capitalised labour.

Questions & contact

Any further questions about the budget? Please contact a member of the Mondriaan Fund directly. Or call +31 (0)20 523 15 23 or email svanapvra@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

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