Explanatory notes about budgets for visual artists

Below you will find explanatory notes about budgets for visual artists: which costs can and which can’t be included in the budget? Furthermore, we give you more information on your own contribution, the total contribution and the compensation for time investment.

Costs that are necessary for and inextricably linked to the plan to be carried out can be included in the budget plan. For example:

  • (Material) costs for production of the new work (artist)
  • Research costs (artist and intermediary)
  • For projects abroad: a return ticket (artist and intermediary)
  • Rent or purchase of equipment (artist):
    For specific equipment that is needed for a project, the rental costs can be included in the budget. It is also possible to purchase the necessary equipment yourself, and to include depreciation costs in the budget. For these cases, the Mondriaan Fund employs a fixed depreciation rate of 33% per year. This means that for a plan of 3 months, for example, the equipment can be included for a quarter of the annual depreciation (3/12 x 33 % x purchase cost). In practice, it turns out that equipment is often included in the budget whose necessity for the execution of the intended plan can be called into question. The Mondriaan Fund emphasizes that the equipment must be necessary for and inextricably linked to the plan to be carried out. The purchase of a laptop or digital camera, for example, is not considered as part of necessary project costs, but rather as regular professional costs. The same goes for example for the rent or purchase of a beamer to present new work, because these costs fall under regular exhibition costs. If you believe that the project cannot proceed if the entered equipment cannot be purchased or rented, this must be explicitly explained in the motivation and plans.
  • Fees for third parties (artist and intermediary):
    Fees for third parties, who engage in activities for the purpose of the project, can be included in the budget. However, no fees can be requested for third parties who participate in the project on an equal basis, within a form of cooperation. They must apply for or contribute a proportionate share of the budget themselves. For staff employed by the applicant, whose activities clearly contribute to the project, a sum of up to € 50  per hour can be entered in the budget. A copy of the latest paycheck must be uploaded.

The sums must be entered exclusive of VAT. The sums are allocated exclusive of VAT, unless the applicant is not subject to VAT. In those exceptional cases, you are required to first contact the Mondriaan Fund.

If several artists apply for the same project, each of them must apply for a (proportional) part of the total budget.

Questions & contact

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