Explanatory notes on budgets for institutions


The amounts must be stated exclusive of VAT (BTW). The grant from the Mondriaan Fund is awarded exclusive of VAT, unless the applicant is not liable for VAT. In the latter case, a statement to that effect from the Tax and Customs Administration (‘Belastingdienst’) should be sent.

The Mondriaan Fund asks that you provide a clear and specified overview of the variable project costs:

  • The total costs must equal the overall level of financial cover, including the contribution from the Mondriaan Fund. The budget must therefore be balanced;
  • Crucial items should be supported as much as possible by quotations;
  • The total budget should be at least €25,000.

This is with the exception of the feasibility studies and the Protected Cultural Heritage scheme.

  • The maximum contribution from the Mondriaan Fund is 40%, unless otherwise stated in the online explanation on the scheme on the website.


The budget may only contain variable project costs and therefore no fixed overheads of your organisation such as its own employees, management expenses or other fixed costs (this is only permitted in the case of Programmes Art Platform applications).

Possible cost items are:

  • if possible, please specify the number of hours x the amount

for example:

  • stationery expenses
  • administration expenses
  • accountant expenses in relation to the project for which an application is being made

for example:

  • rent (please note: rent for your own space cannot be claimed for)
  • installation costs
  • reimbursement of expenses incurred

for example:

  • material costs (not transport, insurance, or exhibition costs)
  • equipment that is inextricably linked to the work being produced
  • depreciation (33% per year) or rental of specific equipment for displaying the work
  • fees for third parties who carry out work for the project

The applicant organisation is expected to pay a realistic fee to the artist.

for example:

  • production costs of educational material
  • costs for lectures, film screenings

for example:

  • advertisements, banners, posters
  • social media campaign

Financial cover

The Mondriaan Fund asks that you provide a clear and specified overview of the financial cover:

  • Your own revenues, such as entry fees, publication income, sponsorship (in kind or otherwise), or crowdfunding;
  • Applicant’s own contribution;
  • Contribution from third parties, such as the various public and private funds, local authority, provincial government;
  • The grant requested from the Mondriaan Fund.

Bear in mind that:

  • If the grant requested from the Mondriaan Fund is €125,000 or greater, you should include in your budget the costs of an approved audit report by an independent accountant;
  • If your organisation is liable for VAT, the VAT will not be paid by the Mondriaan Fund. The amounts must therefore be stated exclusive of VAT.
  • The financial cover may not include any capitalised labour.

Questions & contact

Questions about the budget plan? Please get in touch with one of our colleagues.

Or call 020 523 15 23 or email svanapvra@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

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