Explanatory notes on budgets for the Publication grant for visual artists

The Mondriaan Fund asks that you provide a clear and specified overview of the publication costs and revenues.

Crucial items in the budget must be supported with quotations. You should also state how your plans are to be financed and how all your costs are to be covered.

  • The total costs must equal the overall level of financial cover, including the contribution from the Mondriaan Fund.
  • The maximum contribution from the Mondriaan Fund is 35% or, in the case of a publication that uses printing on demand, e-publishing, or apps in an innovative manner, 50% of the costs eligible for grants that are incurred in the production of the publication.


Reimbursement for time invested

Applicants may not request a fee for themselves, but they can apply for a reimbursement for the time they have invested. The Mondriaan Fund has set a standard amount for this purpose, of €1,980 per month in and outside the Netherlands (full time). Applicants should demonstrate in their applications how much time their work is taking. Applications for reimbursements for time invested may only made in relation to the period in question. The period for which an application is made will often include times when the applicant has not worked on the publication on a full-time basis. The applicant should therefore always state in his/her application whether he/she has worked part time or full time on the publication and how much time it has taken. The amounts should be quoted in numbers of days or half-days per week. No applications may be made for a reimbursement for time spent on work performed before the application was submitted, such as for carrying out a project that forms the starting point for the publication, for example. Instead, you may apply in advance for an Artist Project grant for this.

Fees for third parties

Fees for third parties who carry out work for the publication may be included in the budget. However, no fees may be requested for third parties who participate on the publication on an equal basis within a partnership. They should themselves contribute to or apply for a proportionate part of the budget. A maximum of €50 gross per hour may be claimed for staff members employed directly by the applicant, but evidence must be provided that they have worked on the publication. A copy of their most recent payslip should be included with the application.


If more than one artist applies for the same publication, each of them must request a proportionate part of the total budget. A submission of the total budget will suffice, provided that the condition in the previous sentence is met.


Possible cost items are:

  1. Authors’ fees
  2. Design and lithography
  3. Photography / illustrations
  4. Copyright on photos / illustrations
  5. Editing and correcting (internally and externally)
  6. Image editing (internally and externally)
  7. Translation costs
  8. Technical production (such as paper, printing, binding)
  9. Promotion and distribution costs
  10. If work is carried out in partnership with a publisher: the publisher’s operational costs (production supervision, storage and distribution, sales and promotion). Other overheads of the publisher may not be claimed.

No applications may be made for:

  1. Regular operational expenses (such as the rent of a studio, trade literature and material costs) not related to the publication are not covered by a Publication grant.
  2. Office expenses, such as those for telephone, fax, the internet, and post, may not be included in the budget. The Mondriaan Fund regards these costs as regular operational expenses and not as specific project costs.


The amounts must be stated exclusive of VAT (BTW). The grant from the Mondriaan Fund is awarded exclusive of VAT, unless the applicant is not liable for VAT. In the latter case, a statement to that effect from the Tax and Customs Administration (‘Belastingdienst’) should be sent.

Financial cover

The Mondriaan Fund asks that you provide a clear and specified overview of your financial cover:

  1. Your own revenues, such as income from sales, sponsorship, or crowdfunding
  2. Contributions from third parties, such as public and private funds, museums, galleries
  3. The grant requested from the Mondriaan Fund
    The financial cover may not include any capitalised labour.

Your own contribution and those from third parties:

  • 65% (or 50% in the case of a publication that uses printing on demand, e-publishing, or apps in an innovative manner) must be covered by third parties. These contributions may come from crowdfunding, sponsorship, grants from other funds, contributions from third parties, an interest-free loan from the Fonds Kwadraat or from your own revenues. Applications should if possible include correspondence demonstrating that third parties have been asked for funding.
  • If any third parties are involved with the funding of the publication, we ask that you submit the total budget for the plan and not just the part for which a grant is being requested from the Mondriaan Fund. In other words, it should be clear what the proportion of the amount being requested from the Mondriaan Fund is.
  • Proof of agreements that you have already made in relation to realising the publication should be sent with your application. This could include copies of correspondence or contracts with publishers, organisations, museums, galleries, etc.
  • If more than one party has undertaken to finance the publication, proof of this must be sent with the application. The Mondriaan Fund may contact the parties in question with regard to their co-financing of the publication. If, at the time of submitting your application, not all the relevant correspondence is available, you may send it at a later time; this should be done in consultation with the Mondriaan Fund. Please keep in mind that in case a contribution is awarded, a minimum of 80% coverage of the budget, including the contribution from the Mondriaan Fund, must be shown by means of grant letters from third parties before an advance on the contribution can be transferred.

Questions & contact

Questions about budgets? Please contact our finance department.

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