Information about submitting documents

How to compile your presentation in PDF?

There are several methods to make a PDF:

1) You can set up your presentation in Word, Excel or PowerPoint and save it as a PDF document (*.pdf).

2) If you have a hard copy of a document, you can use a scanner or printer (most printers have a scanner function) to make a scan. Choose PDF as your file extension. In case you don’t have a scanner at your disposal, you can use your smartphone or digital camera to make a picture and upload it to your computer. Insert the picture in a Word document and save it as a PDF.

If the document is made up of multiple pages, try to scan all pages into one single PDF document. Most printers facilitate this, especially printers with an automatic feed-through function. You can then place the entire document in the feed-through component.

3) If you want to convert another digital format to PDF, you can download freeware online (for example CutePDF).

Technical specifications for your documentation

Please submit a visual presentation in PDF format with 20 images:

– Copy each image on a separate PDF slide and include information on the work, for example: “01 title of work, 2010, 20×30 cm, material”.
– Arrange the images in a chronological order from present to past, evenly distributed over the past years.
– Include the information per image in the documentation list, for example: “01 title of work, 2010, 20×30 cm, material”.

Video and audio fragments

– Extensions: *.m4v, *.mp3, *.mov, *.flv, *.wmv, *.jpg, *.gif, *.png, *.tiff, *.pdf, *.avi, *.mpg, *.mp4, *.mkv.
– Include video or audio fragments in your documentation list, for example: “01 title, 2010, duration 6 min.”.

The total size and duration of the presentation (images and separate video or audio fragments) should not secede 300 MB and 15 minutes duration.

Note: do not use hyperlinks in the PDF with documentation material and in the documentation list. We cannot accept hyperlinks to, for example, web pages because the supplied content may not be modified during the processing of the application.