Contact person for the six public cultural funds

Are you considering combining visual arts, film, heritage, performance art, literature, cultural participation & education, design and/or multimedia in an art project? If so, you may be eligible for a grant from one or more of the six Rijkscultuurfondsen, or public cultural funds.

Anyone who is about to embark on an interdisciplinary art project that combines multiple fields of art and culture, and is looking for a suitable grant, can request more information from Emma Parmentier. Emma is the contact person for the six public cultural funds (please see contact details at the bottom of the page).

Which grants are availible?

There are six public cultural funds in the Netherlands. Each fund focuses on a different field of art and culture:

These cultural funds offer grants to stimulate dynamism and renewal in the cultural sector. The funds support applicants in a variety of ways, including with project subsidies, grants and work contributions.

When should you get in touch with the contact person?

You can request information if you are considering an art project that combines multiple art or cultural fields and that will produce an end result that is not expressed within a single cultural field.

For example: A screen version of a book does not constitute a combination of different art and cultural fields, because the end result is expressed within a single discipline (i.e. film). However, a writer working together with a design collective on an innovative digital idea for literature may be eligible for grants from various public funds.

Another example is an equal collaboration between a theatre maker and a VR designer, who creates an autonomous video artwork that will become part of the theatre production.

What does the contact person do?

The contact person explores the various options within the existing grant schemes offered by the public cultural funds and will subsequently refer you to the appropriate fund(s). The fund(s) will then offer you further assistance. The contact person is therefore not associated with a separate application scheme or budget.

It is worthwhile noting that getting in touch with the contact person represents no guarantee of a successful application. A conversation with the contact person is only intended to provide information, and does not increase the likelihood of success. In addition to the public cultural funds, there are many other funds and initiatives that support art and culture.

What information is required?

In order to establish whether your art project is eligible for a grant from one or more funds, you first need to answer several questions (using the form, see below). After you have submitted the form, the contact person aims to contact you within two weeks to discuss the grants for which you may be eligible.

Questions & contact

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Emma Parmentier

project officer and contact person for interdisciplinary projects Send a message Or call +31 (0)20 523 15 19

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