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17 grants in the Caribbean

The Mondriaan Fund contributes €250,000 to organisations from the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom. This concerns visual arts and heritage organisations that aim to make visual arts or heritage more prominent on the islands. The Mondriaan Fund received 26 project applications for the Caribbean Art Heritage Open Call, of which 17 projects were positively assessed. Of the 26 applications, 8 were granted to organisations in Aruba, 7 in Curaçao, 1 in Bonaire and 1 in Saba. The call is part of a wider pilot to gain more insight into Caribbean visual arts and heritage practices.

The contribution is intended for projects focusing on collections, knowledge exchange, content programmes and public presentations. The total available budget for this open call was €250,000. The amount of a contribution varies.
The following organisations will receive a contribution, with some organisations being awarded multiple project applications: Fundacion Amigonan di Archivo – p/a Archivo Nacional Aruba, Fundashon Ban Ku Nos, Foundation Battle-Station Blaau – Force Curaçao 1942, Bonaire Archaeological Institute, Maritime Museum Curacao, Mongui Maduro Library & Museum, Pure Aruba Events Foundation, Plataforma Aruba, Sea & Learn Foundation, Stichting Monumentenfonds Aruba, Stichting Schouwburg Aruba, Stichting Terrafuse, Splikami, Stichting Rancho.

The Mondriaan Fund

The Mondriaan Fund promotes the development and visibility of visual arts and heritage through financial contributions. The fund makes possible what the market does not (yet) in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which includes Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint-Eustatius and Sint Maarten. In addition to the Caribbean Art Heritage Open Call, organisations and creators from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom can also apply for our other grants. The specific objectives of different contributions are described in the online explanation of each grant.

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