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26 national art platforms will receive a contribution from the Mondriaan Fund

During the application round of 2022, the Mondriaan Fund will contribute €4 million to the programmes of 26 art platforms in the Netherlands. It concerns a variety of platforms, ranging from small art initiatives to organisations with an extensive programme of activities. The contribution is intended for a programme which is open to the public, and which contributes to a high-quality and diverse range of contemporary visual arts. The art platforms receive the contribution for an inspiring programme with a duration of 1 to a maximum of 3 years. It concerns fixed contributions of €25,000 to €175,000 on an annual basis.

The Art Platform Programme grant has four categories – Start, Basic, Pro and Broad –
which, together, should provide a wide range of contemporary visual arts in the Netherlands. Each category has its own criteria, with increasing budget, period and requirements.

In this application round we received 81 applications. Of these, 26 applicants have received a contribution.
Below you will find the art platforms that will receive a contribution, organised per category:

Art Platform Start – for small organisations and collectives in the field of contemporary visual arts. Contribution: € 25.000 for 1 calendar year

We received a total of 50 applications for Start. The following 12 initiatives have received a contribution: Blind Walls Gallery (Breda), Dat Bolwerck (Zutphen), Destination Unknown (Weert), Into Nature (Assen), Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee (Amsterdam), Manifold Books (Amsterdam), Plaatsmaken (Arnhem), RADIUS (Delft), SEA Foundation (Tilburg), Shimmer (Rotterdam), VierVaart (Groede) and WET (Rotterdam).
Additionally, 5 other applications have also received a positive assessment, however these could not be awarded due to the lack of a sufficient budget. These are: Playbill (Amsterdam), Bureau Postjesweg (Amsterdam), Derde Wal (Nijmegen), Greylight Projects (Heerlen) and The Balcony (Den Haag).
Art Platform Basic – for professional contemporary visual arts organisations with a relevant, annual artistic programme for a professionally allied audience and with the intention to expand that audience.
Contribution: € 110.000 per year, for 2 calendar years

We received a total of 27 applications for Basic. The following 12 organisations received a contribution:
A Tale of a Tub (Rotterdam), Ateliers ’89 (Aruba), FOTODOK (Utrecht), het resort (Groningen), Hotel Maria Kapel (Hoorn), Institute for Human Activities (Amsterdam), Kunstenlab (Deventer), Kunsthuis SYB (Beetsterzwaag), Reverb/Klankvorm (Rotterdam), Sign (Groningen), Video Power (Maastricht) and W139 (Amsterdam).

Due to the lack of a sufficient budget, 3 positively assessed organisations could not be awarded. These are Casco Art Institute (Utrecht), De Fabriek (Eindhoven) and Page Not Found (Den Haag).

Art Platform Pro – for professional contemporary visual arts organisations with a regular, pertinent and substantive artistic programme, complemented with activities to support that programme for a diverse audience of professionals and interested parties.
Contribution: € 175.000 per year, for three calendar years

We received 3 applications within this category, of which 2 applications will receive a contribution:
Project Space 1646 (Den Haag) and VHDG (Leeuwarden).

Art Platform Broad – for institutes spanning the local to the international level, with fully-fledged professional organisations, which seek support for a pertinent, regular annual programme of presentations, complemented with an extensive programme of activities.
Contribution: € 275.000 per year, for 4 calendar years

We received a total of 1 application. No allocation has been made within this category. The budget for this category will be retained for the next application round for Art Platform Programmes and can be awarded in 2023.

Indispensable for a healthy eco-system in the arts
This year, 81 Art Platforms applied for a contribution for Art Platform Programme grant. Programmes that give shape and content to relevant developments in the field of contemporary visual arts in the most engaging way have been awarded. The fund supports a number of art platforms distributed nationally, with programmes that distinguish themselves from each other.

Despite the uncertainty caused by the corona crisis, most art platforms were able to respond adequately with an adapted (online) programme. The committee saw a number of themes reappear in the programme plans, such as ‘commons’, healthcare and ecology. It was striking that specific themes were put on the agenda more. The programmes respond to current social developments.
The Mondriaan Fund has been contributing to art platform programmes since 1994 because they are vital for the development and visibility of visual art. Although sometimes limited in scope, these are the locations where new trends emerge and are given space; where growth and innovation develop. This is why they form the basis of the visual arts field and are indispensable for a healthy art ecosystem. Museums, artists and the public reap the benefits. A condition for culture subsidies from the government is that recipients subscribe to the Fair Practice Code, as well as the Governance Culture Code and the Diversity & Inclusion Code.

In 2023, various grants from 2020 and 2021 will still be valid, through the grant of Art Platform Programmes. This is true for: Bewaerschole (Burgh-Haamstede), Club Solo (Breda), de Appel (Amsterdam), If I Can’t Dance (Amsterdam), Instituto Buena Bista (Willemstad), Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Kunstpodium T (Tilburg), MAMA (Rotterdam), Metro54 (Amsterdam), Nest (Den Haag), Odapark (Venray), Oude Kerk (Amsterdam), P-OST (Nijmegen), Rib (Rotterdam), Sonsbeek (Arnhem).

8 art platforms are included in the Basic Infrastructure (BIS) and are therefore directly financed by ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).