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New website: 50% loan, 50% contribution from the Mondriaan Fund

Investing in a good website is ultimately an investment in yourself and your profession. Your website introduces who you are and what you do. And if you also ensure that your website is easy to find, you’ll reach a larger and more diverse audience.

The Mondriaan Fund and Fonds Kwadraat have teamed up to support artists who would like to build a new website or update an existing website. From today (and for as long as budget remains), you can borrow half of the sum required for this work as a rent-free loan from Fonds Kwadraat. The Mondriaan Fund will contribute the other half.

How it works

The procedure is simple: follow 7 steps to apply for the required sum from Fonds Kwadraat. It is important that you submit an itemised budget with quotes. If Fonds Kwadraat approves your application, you will receive a loan agreement. This loan is for half of the apportioned sum. The other half is a contribution from the Mondriaan Fund.

Example Let’s say that your new website costs € 4,000. You apply to Fonds Kwadraat for this amount. If your application is approved, you receive a rent-free loan of € 2,000, and € 2,000 as a contribution from the Mondriaan Fund. You repay the loan in monthly instalments. In the case of a loan of € 2,000, you make 26 monthly payments of € 76.92 per month. The maximum amount for which you can apply is € 8,000.


Due to great interest in this scheme, the deadlines of 19 March and 14 May 2023 have been cancelled. It is therefore only possible to apply for the deadline of 22 January 2023.* Applications should be submitted directly to Fonds Kwadraat.

*Artists who have received a subsidy from the Mondriaan Fund in the past 12 months can apply irrespective of the deadlines until the budget for the scheme has been exhausted. Your application does not require assessment by the Fonds Kwadraat committee.


  • This scheme is for artists who have worked professionally in the Netherlands for at least 1 year. This means that the artist is actively involved with art and is part of the professional art field in the Netherlands.
  • The loan/contribution may be used to either build a new website or to make substantial adjustments to an existing website.
  • It is not possible to submit an application relating to the use of social media in the case that you do not have a website.
  • When assessing the applications, the Fonds Kwadraat committee will consider:
  • Professionality (CV)
  • The quality of your work
  • Feasibility
  • Financial justification of the expenses, based on the submitted quotes.
  • Applications by artists who have received a subsidy from the Mondriaan Fund in the last 12 months do not require assessment by the Fonds Kwadraat committee.

Applicants can approach a website builder themselves that matches their needs. There is no collaboration between the funds and website builders for this grant. Both funds do not provide data of applicants to third parties, including website builders.