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Advance announcement: budget for initiatives Slavery Memorial Year

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Throughout the Slavery Memorial Year, which runs from 1 July 2023 to 1 July 2024, special attention will be paid to an important, painful and until very recently underexposed part of our shared history: the slavery past. With this context, the Government of the Netherlands is making €2 million available for activities and initiatives that contribute to commemorating and celebrating the abolition of slavery in the Kingdom. The Mondriaan Fund and the Cultural Participation Fund will receive €1 million each to support activities during the Commemoration Year that involve institutions as well as individuals and small local initiatives based in the Caribbean region of the Kingdom and in the Netherlands.

The Mondriaan Fund and the Cultural Participation Fund will allocate the budget by issuing two open calls. These calls will be formulated in cooperation with members of the sounding board from the various communities involved.

Various communities of descendants of enslaved people, the indigenous peoples and contract labourers, all form an inextricable part of this history. These include the indigenous peoples of the then Dutch colonies of Suriname and the six Caribbean islands, Chinese, Javanese and Hindustani contract labourers, along with, for example, Moluccan, Ghanaian and South African communities. Accordingly, at the heart of the activities during the Memorial Year are the narratives of these originally non-European communities that are associated with the slavery past.

Open Call Mondriaan Fund

The call issued by the Mondriaan Fund focuses on projects and activities that permanently increase the level of knowledge and raise awareness of the Dutch slavery past and its repercussions that continue to affect the present. A wide-ranging group of applicants based in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom and in the Netherlands can apply to the Mondriaan Fund. This applies to individuals who have a professional practice in the disciplines of the visual arts, heritage, the creative industry, the performing arts, or crossovers between these disciplines. Furthermore, organisations whose main task is to organise public presentations, archives and libraries are also eligible to apply. A sum of between €5,000 and €75,000 can be applied for projects.

Cultural Participation Fund Open Call

The call issued by the Cultural Participation Fund puts the focus on participatory activities where the participants are actively involved. This subsidy is for initiatives in which new aspects of history and slavery are brought to the fore, educational material is created, healing processes are stimulated, or (international) cooperation between institutions is set up. This is how the Fund aims to increase knowledge as well as raise awareness and visibility of the slavery past, also for future generations. This subsidy scheme, for which €1 million is being made available, is set to open for submissions around mid-January 2023.

Information about this call can be found on the website of the Cultural Participation Fund.

The Mondriaan Fund call will be published in November. There are two deadlines for submission: the first is in January and the second in April 2023. Would you like to be informed by email as soon as the open call is open for submissions? Sign up below. In November, we are organising an information session on the call for the Slavery Memorial Year.

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