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Inflation correction as of 1 January 2023 for artists and curators

As part of several of our grants, artists and curators receive a contribution to help cover living costs. The Mondriaan Fund has determined a standard sum for this contribution. From 1 January 2023, we will apply an inflation correction for the following grants: Artist Start, Artist Basic, Artist Project and Curator Researcher. The correction also applies for Residency, Publications and Art Media, and will be applied with immediate effect for the upcoming round of applications for these grants. The application forms for these grants will be updated to include this correction on 1 December, so all draft applications that have not been submitted will be deleted on 30 November at 17:00 (CET). From 1 December onwards, the updated application forms (including the correction) will be available for use.

Good to know: the new standard sum will apply for applications with a (subsidy) period starting in 2023, also if the applicant has used an old application form.

Are you preparing an application?

Applications currently being prepared for the Artist Start, Artist Basic, Artist Project and Curator Researcher grants can be submitted via the online application system until 17:00 (CET) on 30 November. Applications that have not been submitted by this time will be automatically deleted.

Please allow 3 months for us to process your application, from the moment that it is submitted in full. However, due to the many applications submitted to the fund, it may take longer to process your application. It is not possible for contributions to be awarded retroactively.

What does this inflation correction mean?

The inflation correction is an increase to the standard sum for the contribution to help cover living costs:

  • Artist Start will become € 22,000 (was € 20,000)
  • Artist Basic will become € 44,000 (was € 40,000)
  • Artist Project: flexible contribution will become € 1,980 (was € 1,800); fixed contribution: € 2,585 (was € 2,350)
  • Curator Researcher will become € 2,255 (was € 2,050)

Tip: If you are working on your application, but are unable to complete and submit your application before 30 November, you can save the old application form as a PDF on your computer.

If you require assistance or more information, please contact the Mondriaan Fund representative responsible for the grant in question. You will find the contact details below the explanation of the grant on the website.

Questions & contact

Questions about the inflation correction? Contact us!

Or call 020 523 15 23 or send an e-mail to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

Carmen Muskee