Mondriaan Fund and NGA launch Gallery Fair Practice Code

As of July 2023, a Fair Practice Code will apply to all galleries that apply to the Mondriaan Fund. Together with the Dutch Gallery Association (Nederlandse Galerie Associatie – NGA), the Mondriaan Fund developed this code to strengthen the position of the artist in relation to the gallery. The code is based on the already existing Gallery Code of the NGA and arises from the Fair Practice Code which must be adhered to by any organisation supported by public funds. The Gallery Fair Practice Code will become a permanent condition for galleries that want to offer the KunstKoop or receive a contribution for a foreign art fair. 

The Mondriaan Fund contributes to the gallery sector in the Netherlands in various ways to promote the sale and visibility of visual art from the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. The fund considers it’s important that the principles from the Fair Practice Code are self-evident in the gallery sector as well. For that reason, a code was also developed for the gallery sector together with the NGA and artists.

Vragen & contact

Vragen over de Gallery Fair Practice Code? Neem direct contact op met een medewerker van het Mondriaan Fonds.

Of bel 020 523 15 23 of mail naar vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

Fenna Lampe

Carmen Muskee