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Make Eindhoven

Do you want to develop further as an artist, curator or art observer by staying in a residency? You may be eligible for one of the residencies offered by the Mondriaan Fund.

Visual artists, curators, art critics and art observers who wish to deepen their professional practices and expand their networks are eligible to apply for a working period in the Netherlands or another country at one of the recognized residencies offered by the Mondriaan Fund. The contribution is intended for travel, accommodation and material costs. The rent of the studio and/or living space is usually paid directly by the Mondriaan Fund.

The following (inter)national residencies are offered:

  • Make Eindhoven – Eindhoven, Netherlands (visual artists)
  • Het Lage Noorden – Marrum, Netherlands (artists with a focus on visual and performance arts)
  • Pompgemaal – Den Helder, The Netherlands (visual artists, curators and art spectators)
  • Drawing Center Diepenheim – Diepenheim, The Netherlands (visual artists with an interest in drawing)
  • Borderland – Heerlen and Venray, Netherlands (visual artists)
  • Billytown – The Hague, Netherlands (visual artists)
  • F/stop, festival for photography – Leipzig, Germany (visual artist in the field of photography)
  • Viervaart – Groede, Netherlands (visual artists)
  • Artist Residencies Enschede (ARE) – Enschede, the Netherlands (visual artists with an interest in cultural diversity)
  • Tembe Art studio – Moengo, Suriname (visual artists)
  • FACT – Liverpool, United Kingdom (visual artists and curators)
  • Deveron Projects – Huntly, Scotland (visual artists)

The application deadline for the residencies is 21 september 2023, before 16:00 PM (CEST) / 10:00 AM (AST).

You can submit an application for a maximum of 2 residencies per round. A separate form with attachments must be submitted for each residency.

Vragen & contact

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