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Visitors’ programme

With a view on promoting art from the Netherlands abroad, the Mondriaan Fund organises special visitors programmes for foreign visual arts professionals. Visitors programmes are organised to offer greater insight into contemporary visual arts from the Netherlands, to strengthen international ties and stimulate the exchange of ideas.

The guests work in museums and other exhibition spaces or are, for example, independent curators or critic. They are offered a program that is completely in line with their work practice and interests. In order to be able to provide these tailor-made programmes, the Mondriaan Fund has an extensive network of individuals and organizations from the cultural sector at home and abroad.

About 40 people are invited every year. Participation is at the invitation of the Mondriaan Fund. The selection of guests is made on the basis of proposals from Dutch institutions and embassies and is in line with current events, for example in preparation for biennials, other international events or as a follow-up to orientation trips. More than 300 people have now participated in the program.

View the visitors’ programme of recent years below. 

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