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For whom: visual artists, curators and observers
What: 2 working periods of 3 months each

  • 5 January – 29 March 2023
  • 26 September – 18 December 2023

Deadline: 2 May 2022, 5:00 PM CET

London’s Delfina Foundation is one of the United Kingdom’s best known artist-in-residence programmes. The Foundation’s purpose is to promote artistic exchange and experiment. Delfina offers visual artists, curators and critics a platform to carry out research, develop ideas and position their practices within the global discourse. Delfina not only introduces its residents to the London art scene, but also to their extensive international network. Delfina maintains close bonds with the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and Brazil.

Delfina Foundation is housed at 31 Catherine Place, in centre of London, close to Buckingham Palace. The six to eight international residents at any given time live next door to the studios. Each resident has their own room, sharing the kitchen and sanitary facilities.

The residency programme begins with a series of visits to museums, galleries and non-profit platforms. As the residents visit these venues, they get to know one another and discuss their own work and that of others. During the working period, discussions are organized with artists who live and work in London. Portfolios are discussed with curators and a networking lunch is held every two weeks. Residents are expected to take part in these activities.

Applicants to the Delfina Foundation residencies are not asked to delineate a concrete project proposal in advance, but they do need to submit a clear motivation, explaining why they wish to take part in this programme, what kind of research they wish to conduct during their residency and how this research can contribute to Delfina Foundation’s ongoing programme.

Earlier participants in this programme include Vibeke Mascini, Urok Shirhan, Maja Bekan, Daniel Jacoby Kratell and Jasmijn Visser.

For whom

Residencies at Delfina Foundation can be applied for by visual artists, curators, critics. If more than one person is applying to work together as a duo, each applicant must submit a separate application.

A duo is understood to be 2 artists or 2 curators/observers, or a combination of these, who consistently produce their work together as a single unit. A collaborative partnership, working together on a more short-term or long-term basis, will be considered as a duo, as long as they are both applying for a single residency period with a plan that has a single, joint result. During the residency, duos live and work together.

Working period

Delfina Foundation has two working periods available for 2023:

  • 5 January  – 29 March 2023
  • 26 September  – 18 December 2023

The applicant’s preferred working period must be indicated on the application form. All possible effort will be made to meet the preferred residency dates. The working period dates are conditional and subject to change, for example, depending on circumstances generated by Covid-19.

How much

The costs of renting the studio, living space and support given by Delfina Foundation are paid directly to the Delfina Foundation by the Mondriaan Fund. The remaining costs of travel, living expenses and materials for each working period is assessed at €7,398 for a visual artist, or €6,588 for a curator or observer. This amount is for one person. The resident is expected to contribute 10%. This is settled by the Mondriaan Fund.

If a duo or a collaborative partnership is selected for the residency, these amounts increase proportionally to cover travel and living costs for the second resident.


The Mondriaan Fund advisory committee will make a selection of the cadidates.  The Delfina Foundation staff will make a final selection.

The deadline for submitting an application for a residency at Delfina Foundation in 2023 is at 5:00 PM, 2 May 2022. For more information, please contact Fenna Lampe, at sraan.ynzcr@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay, or 020-5231506.

A grant for a Delfina Foundation residency can only be awarded during the annual Mondriaan Fund selection round, as announced on the Mondriaan Fund website. Please read the explanations of the conditions, assessment and application procedures before submitting your application. Please also read the general terms and conditions that apply to all Mondriaan Fund grants.

General terms and conditions


The advisory committee selects the candidates on the basis of the documents they receive. A representative of the Delfina Foundation is on the advisory committee. For this reason, the applications are submitted in English.

Other grants for residencies in the Netherlands and other countries
Because only 1 or 2 residents can be selected for any given residency during each application round, it is inevitable that many will be disappointed. For this reason, we point out that it is also possible to apply for an Artist Project at a different residency location. The specific Artist Project residency applied for may not be one of those already being offered in the Mondriaan Fund application rounds.

Vragen & contact

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Of bel 020 523 15 23 of mail naar vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay.

Fenna Lampe