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Are you a publisher looking to stimulate the discourse of visual art within the professional field? Are you a curator with an idea for a series of articles about contemporary visual art for a wider audience? Or are you a content maker keen to improve public engagement with visual art? If so, you may be eligible for the Art Media open call.

For whom

Creators of magazines, articles, online publications and other expressions in written and/or spoken word.

For what

For the production of projects that stimulate the dialogue about visual arts within the professional field or between the field and the public.

How much

The amount of a contribution is determined per application, based on the budget.


Please check this list carefully before starting your application.

Who preceded you?

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For whom?

For an (online) publication or an alternative public medium or online platform. Publishers may apply, but also individuals working as a curator, critic, social content maker or journalist. New initiatives and collaborations may also apply.

For what?

The Mondriaan Fund offers the Art Media open call to stimulate engagement with and the discourse of contemporary visual art in the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. Applications can be submitted for planned written and/or spoken word publications, e.g. (a series of) articles or long reads for (online) magazines, newspapers, social media channels and/or other online platforms, such as a podcast. Profiles or portraits of artists are expressly excluded. It is important that the social value of contemporary visual art is addressed and shared from an independent position and from a broad perspective.

How much?

The sum is determined per application, based on the budget. The maximum grant offered by the Mondriaan Fund is 90% of the eligible expenses. For more information, read the explanation of the budget for individuals or organisations.

The grant is linked to the plan:

  • A fixed grant for a work period in the Netherlands or abroad, of between one and six months.
    The standard grant is € 2,255 per month. The applicant should make a reasonable case substantiating the duration of the grant in the work plan.
  • A flexible grant is possible for a period of a maximum of twelve months.
    The sum is determined based on the plan, the duration of the project and the budget.


How and when to apply

Applications for the Art Media grant can be submitted twice each year, using the Mondriaan Fund online application system. Deadlines for the submission in 2024 are 29 Februari and 19 September 4 P.M. (CET) / 11 A.M. (AST) . You will require an account in order to submit an application. New accounts can be made using the link below. We aim to process applications within three months following the application deadline. The project may not begin before the application is accepted. In no cases will a grant be granted in retroaction.

Request account directly for individual


All applications that satisfy the official conditions and that are accompanied by all requested appendices will be presented to a committee that advises regarding granting the Art Media grant. The committee also assesses the impact of the project.

The following will be assessed in order to determine the quality of the application.

Due to budgetary restrictions, we are unfortunately not always able to award grants to all applications that receive positive advisories from the committee. In this case, the Mondriaan Fund Board asks the advisory committee to prioritise the positive advisories. This means that an application may receive a positive advisory, but a grant is nevertheless not awarded.

Final conclusion

A grant can only be awarded if the advisory committee advises to that effect. The Board of the Mondriaan Fund can ask the advisory committee to choose between the projects with positive advisories.

When making this decision, the diversity of projects, reach and a balanced distribution between the various types of projects all play a role.

The Board may also decide to award a lower grant than is applied for, in light of the available budget.

What happens to my application?


  • It is not possible to apply for a grant for regular activities or regular expenses.
  • It is not possible to apply for a grant for television or film productions.
  • Museums, art institutions and heritage institutions can only apply for a grant for individual productions concerning visual art. The project may not be directly linked to the applicant’s existing activities (e.g. an article or publication accompanying an exhibition).
  • The project must be published on at least one public medium or platform with appropriate reach.
General terms and conditions


In order to process your application, the Mondriaan Fund requires various information: details that you can enter in the application form and documents that you can upload. Below is a checklist outlining all of the required information, following the layout of the application form.

Tip: collect all your information before you start filling out the online application form. Your attachments should be uploaded as PDFs. Please note: make sure that your documents meet the stated conditions. Otherwise, we will unfortunately not be able to process your request. Do not exceed the number of pages where a maximum is indicated.

Questions & contact

If you have a question please reach out to the contact person of this grant.

Or call to 020 523 15 23 or send an e-mail to vasb@zbaqevnnasbaqf.ay

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